Portrait of two Vizsla achieves Gold!

The August results of the Guild of Photographers ‘Image of the Month’ competition are revealed and I’m proud to say my ‘Portrait of Two Vizslas’ has achieved
a Gold Award!
Every month 1000’s of Guild Members enter their images into the monthly competition and only a handful achieve a Gold or Silver award so I’m super excited to have achieved another Gold.

Out of the three Dog Portraits that I entered this month I also achieved a Silver Award, which is a litter of Jack Russell puppies and finally a Bronze Award for an individual portrait of a Jack Russell.

The standard needed to achieve this level of award is very high and a lot of creativity and time is spent finishing these portraits for my clients. As always I would like to thank my clients whose dogs I have photographed for allowing me to create these portraits for them.

All of this months Gold and Silver awards can be seen on the Guilds Facebook page here: Guild of Photographers Image of the month awards August 2018

Photographic portrait of two Vizsla

Two gorgeous Vizsla, studio portrait by Jason Allison

Photographic Portrait of a basket of Jack Russells

Basket of Jack Russell puppies, studio portrait

Jack Russell puppy photographic portrait

Jack Russell puppy, photographic portrait in the studio

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