My image of the year finalist images – Day 1 of 6

This Saturday the 2nd of February is the final of the Guild of Photographers awards.
So this week I’m going to look at my 7 images that made it the final 10 and celebrate being a finalist in this awesome annual competition.

Image of the year finalist: Jason Allison Dog Photography










It’s probably best to go through the images as I entered them into the monthly competition.

The first image being Charlie the Working Cocker Spaniel , entered in February 2018 and I feel one of the most recognisable of the images that probably took me the longest time to finish. From the beginning this image of Charlie was oozing with character, those amazing eyes telling such a story. His ears with so much depth and detail, they needed care to enhance their natural features and make this portrait stand out for his owner Claire. When creating fine art pet portraits I feel the editing needs to be done in such a way that is doesn’t spoil what is already there.

I am in a small group (it’s called a buddy group of like-minded photographers striving for perfection) within the Guild of Photographers, as we’re preparing to enter our images into the monthly competition we all comment and give feedback on each others potential entries. My fellow members; Iain, Tracey, Neil, Lisa and Mark all agreed that this shot had great potential and following a few suggestions and improvements, was worth spending more time on. Although I didn’t record my time spent,  I estimate it to be over 20 hours.

When I chat to people about the portraits I make, the majority of people don’t realise how long they take to complete.

This portrait or Charlie has also won a Gold Award (November 2018) with The Societies of Photographers too!

Jason Allison Pet Portrait of Charlie the Working Springer Spaniel


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