Image of the year finalist image King Oswald II – Day 4 of 6

When you’re asked to photograph a Maine Coon Cat, you don’t plan the photo-shoot, you invite him into the studio and… well you wait… and wait until he’s ready for his photograph to be taken.

I was over the moon to be asked by Matt to create an amazing portrait of Ozzie, his Mothers cat while she was away on holiday as a surprise for a forthcoming birthday present.
Matt brought Ozzie’s favourite foot-stool along to make him feel comfortable.

King Oswald II – Maine Coon by Jason Allison Pet Photographer

The shoot was amazing and our patience meant we got the portraits we wanted which included this Gold Awarded image above.

We love Ozzie.

And the shoot was on my birthday too, even better!

Matt and Ozzie the Maine Coon

Matt and Ozzie the Maine Coon

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